Survival Instincts

by Jackals

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released August 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Jackals Norwich, UK

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Track Name: Survival Instincts
What is said and done, and to who’s end?
Consumed and left to starve
Beaten back, in disgrace, without words
You can’t run away from who you are
Born to inherit, bred to control
No one special but you fulfil a role
While you’re rejected, silence, suppressed
Until it’s time for you to go
Ensure these survival instincts
The next one steps up
Of those whose goals suit your own
The process plays out once more.
We’ve never been free, condemned to our destiny
Rejected, silenced, suppressed, condemned, consumed, inferior.
Track Name: Self Inflicted
No one left to blame
You chose your side
Live with the shame
Self Inflicted
No Excuse
Made your choice
No Escape
Sealed by conceit
No one left to hear your cries
Alone pariah shunned by ill bred pride.
Track Name: Held to Ransom
They are not the source
It’s not who you blame
Held to ransom, attack the symptom

The ideas behind this song came last year (2011) as a response to the hysteria that surrounded the riots in London. I was surprised that people I had thought of as intelligent, rational and progressively minded were prone to react in such ridiculous, sensationalist ways and were happy to adopt the Tory/Tabloid/24 hour news coverage argument that they could simply be dismissed as acts of ‘mindless criminality’ and detached entirely from a social or political context. People are often happy to ignore the societal framework which produces things like an angry, often inarticulate, ‘underclass’ whilst buying into consumerism themselves, choosing to direct their anger at the product rather than the source of the issue.
Track Name: Profit
The profit lies in continued dependence
The best customers stay sick
Patent the cures, Greed, A man made killer
Share the syringe, It’s Russian roulette
Millions die, corporate healthcare.
You want disease to create your fortune, millions die
Human beings are better off in your care?

This was written after I read a WHO article which estimated that 1.3 million people die every year as a result of syringe re-use. This is an entirely man-made killer which results in more deaths than malaria. In Africa around 20 MILLION injections contaminated with AIDS are given every year, not to mention other diseases such as hepatitis. On average in the ‘developing world’ every syringe is used 4 times. Unicef use safe syringes for childhood immunisations… but the other 90% of immunisations are forgotten about. Syringes are cheap to make, including auto-disable syringes which prevent re-use, but changing production methods would prove expensive and result in people not requiring the syringes or medicine in the future as they would not be sick- this is not in the medical corporations financial interests. However, action is being taken to ensure the use of non-reusable syringes, notably with SAFEPOINT TRUST. People the world over favour corporate and private healthcare run for a profit instead of human health, either out of greed or ignorance, despite examples such as this.